Master Association


The Westchester Communities Master Association ( WMA) was created in 1983, when the Developers first started building communities between the E-3 Canal ( which is between El Claire Ranch Road and Military Trail ) and Jog Road. Palm Beach County government, having a responsibility and obligation to comply with the State's and the County's planning and maintenance of flood control measures in the area, required the Developers to create and maintain several "Lakes" (which are actually water retention basins) as part of that flood control plan. Included in all of that flood and drainage control plan were Weirs (miniature Dams), some of which are adjustable, which control the water levels in, and over-flow from the lakes by regulating the water flow from the lakes into the State's canal system. Palm Beach County, knowing that these lakes would be a part of several communities in which they were located, did not want to have to work with the ultimate separate ten communities in which the lakes were located, to see that the lakes were being properly maintained. Therefore, Palm Beach County, to make sure that it only had to work with a single community, required the establishment of a single Master Association, which would include all ten communities, and the County made sure that the Master Association was responsible for all of that maintenance of all of the lakes and weirs.

The WMA was therefore created in 1983 with the beginning of the development of the several communities. The Master Association now includes all 10 Sub-Associations (Country Greens, North Pointe, Starlight Cove, Lakeridge, Enclave, Pipers Glen Estates, Lakeridge Greens, Lakeridge Falls, San Marco and Lakes of Westchester), which includes 1,783 homes. Also included within the Master Association is the commercial center at the North-East corner of Jog Road and Pipers Glen Boulevard. The Master Association, as do each of the Sub-Associations, has its own Board of Directors, Declaration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. All of the Homeowners in all ten of the Sub-Associations are members of the Master Association. They are all bound by, and obligated and responsible to comply with all of the Restrictions, Covenants, Rules and regulations of the WMA Documents as they are also responsible for their individual Sub-Association's Documents.

The WMA has a Board of Directors with nine (9) Board members. The Directors are Homeowners who are members of the WMA and who live in the ten Sub-Association communities. They are elected at the WMA's annual meeting which is held in March of each year. Three Director's terms expire each year, and the term of office is three years. Each Sub-Associations cumulative vote for Directors, (which is based on the number of homes in that Sub-Association), are cast by a voting representative who is chosen by that Sub-Association's Board of Directors.

The WMA, in addition to its obligations and responsibility for the Lakes and Weirs, is responsible for the Monument site at the corner of Military and Pipers Glen Boulevard. It is also responsible for that section of Pipers Glen Boulevard between Jog Road and Hagen Ranch Road. The portion of Pipers Glen Boulevard between Military Road and Jog Road is a Palm Beach County road, and is fully the maintenance and control responsibility of Palm Beach County.

The WMA's obligation and responsibility for the west end of Pipers Glen Boulevard (Between Jog Road and Hagen Ranch Road) was also the requirement of Palm Beach County. The West side communities were the last to be developed. They were started in the late 1980's. Palm Beach County experienced a bad golf cart/vehicle accident at the golf cart crossing located at the intersection of El Claire Ranch Road and Pipers Glen Boulevard in the mid 1980's. The County did not want to take ownership of any more roads with those surface golf cart crossings. The County, therefore told the Developers to either install golf cart bridges or tunnels, or the County would not take that piece of the road as a public road. Since the Developers refused to build bridges or tunnels, the County required that piece of road to be a private road, and it became the WMA's road and responsibility to operate and maintain it as a private road. Included in that Private Road requirement was the obligation and responsibility to assure that only bona fide residents were able to gain access through the resident gate. The four west side Sub-Association communities are fully responsible for the cost of the operation, management, maintenance of that private road.

The WMA has its own budget, and each Homeowner in the ten Sub-Association communities pays his/her share of that budget. The Sub-Associations include the Master Association's common charge within the Sub-Association's budget, and forwards the WMA's funds to the WMA.

The meetings of the WMA Board of Directors are open for all of the Homeowner/Members of the Association to attend. The meetings are usually on a Tuesday late in each month and are held at several of the Sub-Association Clubhouses. Notice of those meetings are sent to the Sub-Associations for them to post for their members information.

Each Homeowner/Member should have a copy of the WMA's Documents. When all of the Documents were Renewed and Restated in June, 2013, copies were provided on a computer disc to each Sub-association for distribution to all of the Sub-Association's Homeowner/Members.